Adventure Travel – new frontiers to conquer in 2017


Adventure Travel – new frontiers to conquer in 2017

Surfing Morocco

Surfing in Morocco

Those seeking more active holidays have started heading to Morocco for some of the best breaks in the world. Taghazout, once a quiet fishing village, has been transformed into a surfing hotspot for both pros and beginners. With Agadir airport, just 30 minutes inland and with EasyJet flying directly from London Gatwick, it could not be easier. Surf Maroc, one of the first companies to offer laid-back surfing trips to Morocco, has recently opened the luxurious boutique hotel Amouage. Packages include sunrise yoga sessions followed by daily surfing lessons with ex-pros.

Horse Trekking India

Horse Riding in India

Discover rural India on horseback for a unique and thoroughly rewarding experience. Wild Frontiers, an award-winning travel company, offers a 13-day trip starting by exploring Udaipur and its white palace, before collecting your Marwari horse in Novi and embarking on an adventure across the flat plains of India. In between rides, there are visits to Jain temples, as well as jeep safaris to spot leopards. The trip comes to a close in the beautiful “blue city” of Jodhpur, where you can witness its buzzing bazaars.

Galapagos Islands

Hiking in the Galapagos Islands

Famous for Darwin’s startling discovery, the Galapagos Islands are still today one of the last places on the planet where human footprint is kept to a minimum. An active holiday, where trips include hiking to the Volcán Sierra Negra, the highest point on the Islands, as well as multiple scuba diving sites to swim with manta rays and hammerhead sharks amongst others. This is a unique opportunity to see such a wide range of biodiverse creatures, that for some live exclusively on these beautiful but isolated group of volcanic islands.

Gorilla Tour Uganda

Gorilla Trekking in Eastern Africa

There are fewer quite as spectacular up-close and personal wildlife experiences as encountering gorillas in their natural habitat. Bwindi Forest in Uganda and the UNESCO Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo both offer the opportunity to see the these critically endangered primates. Bookings from authorised companies must be organised in advance as permits are strictly limited and access restricted to a single hour once you discover these beautiful creatures. This is a chance of a lifetime.

Freediver and Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus)

Freediving in Mexico

Freediving in the Sea of Cortez, the body of water that was once coined by Jacques Cousteau as “the world’s aquarium”, has to be on everyone’s bucket list. Learn from experts the art of breath control in preparation for a series of liberating and meditative open water sessions. These crystalline waters are famously known for their incredible diversity of marine species, and freediving highlights include discovering shipwrecks, playing underwater with sea lions and most spectacularly, swimming with the endangered whale sharks.

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