Top 5 Private Getaway Islands


Top 5 Private Getaway Islands

Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa Private Island Hotel Koh Rang islands, Cambodia

Song Saa Private Hotel combines total luxury with a conservationist philosophy, and without pretentious undertones. Thatch and stone villas have been placed sporadically across the two isles in either the jungle canopy or just above sea level, all with ocean views, four-poster beds and private plunge pools. The area is now an established coastal marine NGO, with a team of marine biologists on hand to take you on morning snorkels around the beautiful coral reefs or afternoons spent kayaking through shady mangroves; this is truly a unique opportunity.

Cooper Island Beach Club

Cooper Beach Island Beach Club Cooper Island, British Virgin Islands

Cooper Island Beach Club is delightfully secluded, a private boat organised in advance from Tortola remains the only way to reach the hotel. This is the place to relax completely, with no televisions, shops or cars on the island, the main tasks of the day involve reading on the beach, swimming in the sea and watching the sunset. If activities become necessary, there is an on-site dive shop, as well as options to snorkel and kayak around the bay. The rum bar is well stocked with over 100 rums and very knowledgeable bartenders who will happily discuss their origins.

Tavanipupu Island

Tavanipupu Private Island Resort Tavanipupu Island, Solomon Islands

One of a thousand isles that make up the Solomon Islands, this dot of an island, which was once a coconut plantation, has been transformed into a dreamy paradise. This resort has still managed to retain the island’s natural charm by providing visitors with pristine white beaches, clear turquoise waters and food from the hotel’s organic garden to eat with freshly-caught seafood. Fishing trips can be arranged, as well as expeditions to explore inhabited islands and dive in the island’s beautiful clear waters, on the reef that has formed a natural blue lagoon.

Isleta El Espino

Isleta El Espino Granada, Nicaragua

This is off-grid at its finest. This hotel is located on a tiny islet on Lake Nicaragua, South America’s largest freshwater lake. Isleta El Espino is bohemian, but with an industrial edge that keeps this eco-lodge relevant. Electricity comes from solar panels and water is filtered straight from the lake, not to mention the food is completely homemade (and delicious). Days start with morning yoga sessions to the sound of monkey chatter and sundowners commence with a local craft beer overlooking the dormant Mombacho volcano in the distance.

Greek Island Retreat

Greek Island Retreat Cycladic Islands, Greece

Although feeling fantastically far-flung, this privately-owned islet is just 45 minutes from Athens by speedboat, making it an easily accessible luxury. Its 300 hectares are awash with old olive trees and scented wild thyme, and there are no other buildings on the island except for a chapel near the jetty. The house itself is a Grecian beauty, built in a neo-classical style with large windows looking out onto the Aegean. Swimming in the calm bay is a must, before feasting for hours on the shady terraces.


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