The Gansevoort Park Hotel, NYC Work and Play in the heart of Manhattan

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The Gansevoort Park Hotel, NYC

Draped in a blanket of snow and with two foot ice blocks impeding every sidewalk, New York in winter can be a tough place to be when jumping between investor and hedge fund meetings. It looks great, but only if you’ve got no-where to go. Once we’d checked in to our suite at Gansevoort Park Avenue that’s exactly what we wanted to do: go nowhere.

Warmly welcomed into the cavernous three-storey granite atrium lobby off Park Avenue South, replete with its kitschy chandeliers and warming fire, we were very happy to be off the bustling a bitingly-cold streets of the city. The Gansevoort team were professional to a tee, living up to the American hospitality reputation that signifies only the best and managing the attitude-free, yet super attentive approach, deftly.

The Park location is one of four Gansevoort incarnations (their others being; Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic and the Meatpacking District), and it shows they have the formula well set. Hip but still smart, with understated yet sharp style, this is a hotel that mixes work and play in best of HedgeBrunch traditions.

Jetlag was quickly whisked away, not only by the supreme king size bed but also thanks to the complimentary bottle of Meursault that arrived at the door just moments after checking into the room. Combine these two in the smoothest of fashions and you’re hard pushed to want to head back out into Gotham very quickly. These guys know what they’re doing. This is of course, just the start. If there wasn’t so much to see and do in New York, whether you’re there for allocation or recreation, you could easily spend the duration of your stay within the Gansevoort walls.

One of the few hotel swimming pools in Manhattan tops the roof, with bath temperature water allowing you to swim from inside into the falling snow outside (or of course straight to the sun-deck in sunnier seasons, it’s open year round). Enough to stay for alone. The wider rooftop space has recently been renovated – reinvigorating the experience further. It’s now a great working space in itself; with complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, Miami-based Panther Coffee and signature Juice Press cocktails on offer throughout.

A good range of the 249 rooms, extremely spacious compared to New York standards, have views of the Empire state building and, depending on which of the many bars or spaces you’re in on the upper floors, you can sip your Old Fashioned and enjoy this famous view without the crowds.

There’s the requisite Spa, hair salon and 24 hour gym too. Not unique in themselves but, as Brits in the US we’re no strangers to waking at 4am and having more than a little spare time before the first meeting. Given the streets were far too treacherous for a run, the open and empty gym was a welcome haven for the much needed endorphin fix before the day began – early bird luxury at its best. Given a little more time we’re told the spa is a must too – next time round on that one.

There are more bars, event spaces and spots to eat at in the Gansevoort than you can spend time in on a short visit, but we did our best once the week was done. Friday night saw a 10 or so NYC hedgies come together for a signature HedgeBrunch evening. Kicked off over cocktails and the game at The Windsor sports bar in the lobby, we then swiftly moved on to the adjacent Twenty33 Lounge which, in turn, warmed us nicely for dinner at Asseline restaurant; classic Italian-American fare with great service. Lingering in Asellina we thought that the table booked in The Red Room Club upstairs might have been a step too far but once in, a convivial evening ensued.

Gansevoort Park Avenue is a strong choice for any New York visit and one well worth returning to.

To learn more about the hotel and to book a stay please visit their site.

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