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Secret Me – The James Bond School

We often wonder how we would react in life-changing moments, now is our chance to find out.

We all have limits in our working and private lives; a point beyond which we can go no further. Secret Me works with clients from a broad range of professional and personal backgrounds to better understand their limits and help them build the emotional and mental resilience required to extend them. The company do this through tried-and-tested training packages delivered by UK Special Forces and Intelligence Services personnel. It is a unique offering previously unavailable to civilians.

Their courses cover a range of practical skills including: use of firearms, surveillance, counter-surveillance, reaction under fire, escape and evasion, seduction, first-aid, hand-to-hand combat, quick battle assessments, evasive driving, resistance to interrogation and much more. Courses are designed to go beyond the practical transfer of skills; they are specifically tailored to help our clients learn what they are truly capable of. Our emotionally intelligent staff work with clients before, during and after courses to ensure that training delivers against individual clients’ needs and expectations.

All Secret Me events are designed to the very highest standards befitting of the global HedgeBrunch network. Initial three-day events take place in their secluded stately home where clients will learn hard and soft skills that train build resilience. It is about the security skills you learn but also how these apply to everyday life, transferring elite ability to the quotidian.

From here clients become a member of the “SafeHouse Club” and will be invited to further events and training courses as well as to continue training with the second and third phases. The second phase is continuation training to hone the skills acquired and push you to the next level with the final two days of the five are a live scenario that you are mentored through. The final course requires clients to deploy all that they have learned in a testing simulated mission scenario.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be James Bond? Now’s your chance.

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