Partnership & Advertising

Working with organisations, brands and funds from across the hedge fund and alternatives industry - Work, and those from the world of luxury lifestyle - Play, we produce events and digital content for our global network of hedge fund professionals, which we aim to make truly engaging. Our partners are an integral part of this and we love working with other exciting teams!

The HedgeBrunch platform is focused on combining Work and Play  by building an offering for both professional and personal development and realisation. This allows members to build their networks and businesses as well as having fun at the same time! Throughout, we aim to create a uniquely attractive combination of alpha-generation-focused and off-the-clock activity, where intriguing, appealing experience and content is king. Central to this is the philosophy that the best way to develop relationships is to connect on a personal level in an entertaining, convivial and enjoyable environment.

We aim to make the footprint of your partnership with us as large as possible, multiplying the impact of offline activities by using them to create significant online content which has a considerable life span and global reach. This means that your efforts are not “stand-alone” and your partnership with us becomes part of the ongoing and permanent narrative your brand has in the market place.

There are numerous opportunities through which partners can work with us, ranging from bespoke one-off occasions to multi-event packages, individual digital content exposure to full service, all-encompassing approaches. Throughout though, a multi-touch point approach is encouraged, allowing your story to be told via a suite of tools in person and online where a narrative is clear and relationship is appealing, always driving towards one key goal: business development and client acquisition.

Partnership opportunities

HedgeBrunch Classic Events
– Our flagship event for 100-200 guests– Multi-Partner or Sole Partner. See more about Classic events here and upcoming events for dates.

HedgeBrunch Club Events
– Mid-sized, invitation-only, bespoke partner-led events for 40-60 guests. 1-3 partners. See more about Club events here and upcoming events for dates. 

HedgeBrunch Private Dining Events
– Intimate partner-led dining (or experience led) occasions for 10-15 guests. 1-2 partners. See more about Private events here and upcoming events for dates.

HedgeBrunch Capital Introduction
– For fund or Investment-opportunity providers. Highly tailored occasions designed to facilitate the capital raising process. For more information contact us. 

HedgeBrunch Bespoke
Bespoke events focus on the same event networking principals as our other events but are set in even more exciting, exhilarating and engaging locations around the world (think Ice driving, skiing, sailing, shooting…). Single or multiple partnered and tailored to partners goals. For more information contact us.

Digital Advertising
– Banner adverts on our website or in our monthly newsletter.

Digital Advertorial
– Tailored content in article form published on

Venues and Experiences
– We work directly in partnership with event venues and experience providers.

To request a partnership catalogue and for more information about working with us please contact the with a brief outline of your business and goals.