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HedgeBrunch Private

Regular readers and friends of HedgeBrunch.com will know of our love for mixing Work and Play – especially when it comes to the best that the automotive world has to offer. There are few businesses, in the UK at least, that are better placed to take advantage of this than luxury car dealer, HR Owen. On a perfect sunny September day, we took eight of our most select network friends to the illustrious Millbrook Proving Ground, a collection of what is quite possibly some of the most exciting private road space in the world. It was to be a spectacular HedgeBrunch Private event.

With an early morning start we arrived at the highly secure Millbrook Proving Ground, which is just an hour north of London. We were greeted with a strict no-photos briefing and all had our mobile-devices disabled. Millbrook is used by every major manufacturer and some of the cars being tested are still years away from release, so secrecy is paramount. It is also home to a healthy slice of filming for car shows and Hollywood blockbusters (remember 007 flipping his Aston in Casino Royale? That was here). Exciting stuff.

Guests included a great mix of funds and family offices, making for fertile conversation off the track over bacon sandwiches and coffees, but it was the on-track action that was that had tongues waggling the most. Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lambourgini, Aston Martin, Maserati & Ferrari. All in one place. All at our disposal. With no speed limit*.

Each guest was afforded at least two opportunities (but plenty had three or four) to take the model of their choice around 3 different circuits: an Alpine route, a one mile straight track, and the bowl – a fully banked track where you can hit speeds of 140mph+ with your hands off the wheel. The is certainly not the M25 in rush hour.

Each car comes with a professional driver, guys who know their onions and more – it’s really quite worth it. Whether you’ve experienced the kind of raw power that these cars have before, or not the inside track that a pro-driver can give you is invaluable. You get to know and understand the car in much greater detail than you would taking it for a spin straight from the showroom.

Over lunch the merits of each make and model were argued to death before diving a little further into each guest’s current projects and market thoughts. Turns out a proving ground for the best things on four wheels is also quite a good place to discuss work!

For more information on HR Owen please visit www.hrowen.co.uk. To learn more about Millbrook visit www.millbrook.co.uk.

If you would like to host your own experiential event for clients or your team please get in touch with the headbruncher@hedgebrunch.com.

*at least not one that resembled any other road in the UK!

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