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Matt Roberts Fitness Retreats Healthy holidays, how will you stay fit over the festive season?

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Matt Roberts Fitness Retreats

With education and awareness about fitness and nutrition gaining greater momentum year on year people are now, more than ever, deciding to use their holiday and free time to focus on improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Bootcamps, retreats and health holidays are just some of names given to services that are being provided both in the UK and internationally to tackle the demand for health conscious but time poor customers who want to reset their body and mind in the most effective but efficient way possible. Is it really possible to undo all the bad food, missed trips to the gym, desk based working and business travel that you have put your body through for the other 360 days of the year? The answer is yes, if the right service is chosen.

Exercising eight hours a day on very restricted calories will see results, unfortunately not the right kind. Over this period of time you will become fitter and see weight loss. Unfortunately, most of this weight will be a combination of water and potential muscle loss as your body sweats continuously decreasing your fluid content combined with eating into muscle to provide you with a source of energy that it is not able to receive through food, because you are hardly eating anything. Furthermore, physical tiredness after such intense training has the potential to lead to increased injury risk, leaving you coming home more broken then when you left.

Rather than just thinking of the instant results that a short break at a fitness resort could give you, consider what you want to achieve in the longer term too. Improved health and fitness should be a long term project that sees you make small and regular changes to the way you currently live life rather than a short term fix with short term, unsustainable results.

Matt Roberts Personal Training has just introduced a series of retreats both in the UK and abroad. Five hours of structured daily training, incredible healthy food and some very welcome massages are delivered by their expert team in stunning surroundings with the aim of inspiring you to start living differently. Who said you couldn’t mix fitness with pleasure!

Learning about the most effective ways to train, introducing new training techniques, improving exercise form as well as making correct food choices and educating on portion control allows clients to leave the retreats exhausted, energised and educated in equal measure. Alongside this is the wealth of health and fitness knowledge you will be able to take home with you and incorporate into daily life, allowing your newly found zest for life to continue long after you have left the retreat.

To find out more about the Retreats services run by Matt Roberts Personal Training please visit Matt Roberts.

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