What is HedgeBrunch?

HedgeBrunch is a network for Hedge Fund professionals which brings people together via exclusive events and digital channels. We’re here to help hedge funds and hedge fund-related businesses grow through a people-first, product-second approach.

Who is HedgeBrunch for?

HedgeBrunch is for those who work in the hedge fund and wider alternative investment world. This is primarily funds, fund investors as well as those who provide service nd advice to fund professionals. We are careful to maintain this integrity in all the events we host, avoiding dilution of our core attendance, so all guests are required to submit a small amount of professional information to ensure relevance to the industry. We trust our guests and rely on their honesty and discretion in attending events. Please contact us if you have requests or questions about event attendance.

What kind of events do you do?

We host three main types of events HedgeBrunch Classic, HedgeBrunch Club and HedgeBrunch Private Dining. HedgeBrunch Classic is open to all alternatives professionals and is a ticketed event. Club and Private Dining events are by invitation only. Read more about them here.

How do I find out about the next HedgeBrunch?

Sign up to our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know about the next event (often before anyone else).

Where does the name HedgeBrunch come from?

Our original and classic event is a weekend brunch – which sees our guests join us for an afternoon of the most social of networking parties – hence the name Hedge-Brunch. Since inception though, we have grown and now offer a range of related events and digital channels as well. “HedgeBrunch” remains because it encapsulates everything we’re about – a perfect mix of work and play, combining a fun-loving convivial mind-set with the power of networking in beautiful environments.

How do I buy a ticket for a HedgeBrunch event?

Tickets for HedgeBrunch Classic events are generally available up to six weeks in advance of an event. They are made available on hedgebrunch.com and also by signing up to our mailing list.

How can I attend Club or Private Dining events? 

HedgeBrunch Club and Private Dining events are by invitation only. Guests from the HedgeBrunch network are invited based on their involvement with the network and attendance at Classic events. Guests must sign up to the mailing list in order to be eligible for invitations.