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Mykonos Summer 2020 Greece
21st August Register your interest

Mykonos Summer 2020


21st August

The HedgeBrunch Summer Retreat 2020

This summer, HedgeBrunch takes its first trip to the incredible island of Mykonos in Greece. A select group of hedge fund and family office professionals will join us for a week of experience, connection and relaxation under the Mediterranean sun.

Guests will be staying in private luxury villas, incredible hotels and enjoying some of the best beach clubs, restaurants and bars the world has to offer.

To get a taste for the connections and experience our events offer see the Hedgebrunch and AYU Shooting Day.

This event is for AYU members only. To join AYU and the HedgeBrunch Summer Retreat in Mykonos, apply for membership here.

For all partnership and sponsorship opportunities related to this event, please get in touch with us on gm@hedgebrunch.com

This event is subject to Covid-19 related travel advice and restrictions.