HedgeBrunch Private Massimo at the Corinthia Hotel
16th June 2016

HedgeBrunch Private

Massimo at the Corinthia Hotel

16th June 2016

To Massimo at the Corinthia Hotel for a follow up “Sportmans’” dinner. What an evening. 12 select guests from the HedgeBrunch (and burgeoning Real Estate Brunch and Family Office Brunch) networks were in attendance, once again providing a fertile and fascinating mix of professional connections and outlooks.

We were joined by the alternatives team from partners Afex Currency Services, along with their European Ambassador, ex-Australian international rugby player Justin Harrison, and ex-England international Matt Stevens. Given this was half way through a significant series of test rugby down-under between England and Australia, this meant for great viewing! The pair are old team mates and the closest of friends now though, so this was a non-contact sport.

As for our hosts, well, restaurants in hotels often get overlooked as an add-on; an easy way to get the guests spending more on their visit, but this was happily not the case for this evening. There’s been a resurgence in London in recent years and there is now an incredible selection. Massimo is very much riding this wave thanks to a considerable and memorable offering – especially in their private dining room.

Our team for the evening were welcomed in to the cavernous main space (think Grand Central station meets Armani) with a warm hand shake and a cold G&T from the Massimo team. We were to spend the evening in the private dining room but not before enjoying the buzz and grandeur of the central space.

Massimo is fine dining Italian with a seafood focus and it didn’t disappoint. Head chef Andrea Cirino welcomed us into the intimate yet imposing dining space and gave us a tour of the menu. A delectable choice was offered; classic Italian raviolis and asparagus antipastis precede poached turbot and roasted sea bream secondis and we were off the races.

Conversation for the evening was firmly on two main subjects – the upcoming UK referendum and the test series in Australia. Whilst, as we go to print, we don’t yet know how the referendum turned out, we do know that England have clinched the series for the first time in history. Sorry Justin!

As each guest took their turn to discuss their current projects, their positions on Brexit and their (now largely correct) predictions for the rugby we really got the key goals of our private dinner series – connecting on a personal and private level.

If you mix good food, good wine, an excellent setting and some dynamic business you simply can’t lose. We didn’t, England didn’t and Massimo was a definite winner.

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