HedgeBrunch Ibiza 2015


August, 2015

When we launched the inaugural HedgeBrunch Ibiza week we were met with far greater demand than we anticipated – with inquiries coming from across the globe. Most were based around “are you actually doing this!? ”. Yes, yes we were – and the excitement was justified, it was to be an unbeatable and unique HedgeBrunch event spanning 9 days in the sunny Mediterranean.

Landing on the white isle in the early days of August, guests from London, New York, Moscow, Rio Janeiro, Toronto and many more global cities joined us at HedgeBrunch HQ – our villa in the heart of luxury village, Roca Lisa. As with many HedgeBrunch events Rolls-Royce were on hand on the island to whisk guests from the airport, as well as to and from restaurants and clubs in exquisite style. Those that know Ibiza will attest, having a car is imperative on the island, so with 5 gleaming Wraiths and Ghosts on hand (+ drivers) we were both incredibly lucky and well looked after throughout the week.

The format for the trip was very much a combination of Play and Work (albeit with emphasis on play of course, it was August after all) where friends and connections new and old got the chance to mix and get to know each other at a variety of different opportunities and events. Some were lounging around the pool, others at the hippest of beach clubs (Nassau was the firm favourite) or fine dining at the likes of Cipriani and Bambudda. That’s not to mention the legendary nightlife that the island has of course on offer; team nights at PachaDestino and more than one rather spectacular private villa party all helped Ibiza live up to its reputation.

We also spent two days on the waves; one with Sealegs (a road capable speedboat) courtesy of Deliciously Sorted and one on a brace of luxury power boats celebrating a very special guest’s birthday! HB partners Volzhenka Caviar provided us with possibly the best way to keep wolf from the door at each– caviar topped blinis and Russian vodka. Could it get much better?

Music is obviously a big thing on the island and Pacha resident DJ Beto, always stylishly on time thanks to sponsor Vacheron Constantin, played a soundtrack for the week perfectly attuned to our needs – watch out for him at upcoming HB events in London!

Throughout the week one thing was clear, whilst we are all there to have fun and enjoy the downtime opportunity that August offers, it was an incredibly fertile place to explore ideas and projects with others. To a man (or woman, we had a great mix) everyone found the island’s fabled positivity a genuinely infectious trait. Whether we were chatting over hedge issues or exploring tech investment with new friends Beta Beach and QVentures (two of many new connections we made networking at Beach House) we found ourselves relaxed yet creative in such an energising place.

Many, the HB team included, came away having achieved a lot more than simply having fun – this was more than a jolly, it was work and play and the next level. We’ll be returning next year.

Register your interest here, spaces will be limited!