HedgeBrunch New York Spring Classic 2015

Loews Regency Hotel, New York

14th May 2015

Over 100 Tri-state hedgies joined us at the third HedgeBrunch NYC in May for another evening of convivial networking and socialising at The Loews Regency Hotel – fittingly, the birth place of the power breakfast and a setting that has long combined the pleasures of mixing both Work and Play. Quite appropriate for HedgeBrunch to say the least. However, what awaited our guests was not a breakfast, or a brunch – but a warm welcome from the HB team and NYC ambassadors as guests congregated in the hotel’s Great Lawn Room.

Guests in attendance ranged from private family offices, funds, inter-dealer brokers and service providers. Minutes after joining, David Tawil of Maglan Capital (an event driven distressed focus hedge fund) commented, “I’ve had one interaction so far that has been incredibly successful. It was a family office representative who has been on our distribution list for months now, but we’ve never met before. We found out that he has been following us for some time and now he wants to meet up. So I’m thrilled that I came, I would probably have never otherwise met him.”

Rishi Jain of Cross River Advisors, who focuses on raising money for early-stage niche hedge funds and private equity groups, added “The real value in events is actually getting to talk to people and that’s what’s happening here. It’s been two times I’ve been [to hedgebrunch] and I’ve already had a number of calls set up just because I was here and hanging out sharing a laugh and drink!”

Over the following hours the room was immersed in discussions and conversations, only pausing to hear a few words from HedgeBrunch CEO Gus Mrison, who welcomed new and returning guests and updated them on upcoming HedgeBrunch plans.

Max Hilton, from sponsor-partner Peregrine Communications (HedgeBrunch’s lead ambassador in the US) was also on hand to host, commented “It’s been a great night once again, HedgeBrunch remains uniquely placed within our industry and is always a valuable use of time.”

As the official evening came to a close guests moved to the world famous hotel lobby bar for further drinks and networking, but not before collecting a very special gift from sponsor Alexander McQueen. Each attendee received a pack celebrating Alexander McQueen NYC, which included a McQueen tie for boys and a scarf for the girls, a perfect way to wrap up the night.

The recently renovated Loews Regency was a fabulous location for the third HedgeBrunch NYC and lived up to its reputation as a power-broking hub in the city that never sleeps!

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