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CryptoBrunch 12 Hay Hill, Mayfair
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12 Hay Hill, Mayfair


The Cryptocurrency world has accelerated at such a dramatic pace over the past 6 months it’s hard to get a handle on it. It’s hard to see what’s hyperbole and what’s fact, where the opportunities lay and who/what should be avoided at all costs.

However, the appetite for crypto abounds. Family Office and institutional investors are actively searching for stable and secure access to crypto returns and the number of hedge funds running crypto strategies rises every day – it’s currently at 226.

Join HedgeBrunch for this morning networking and panel discussion “CryptoBrunch” event to cut through the noise and hear from those pioneering crypto investment in the alternative asset world.

This event is for family office and institutional investors interested in cryptocurrencies, funds running crypto strategies and those providing the infrastructure and advice needed to access the crypto market. Please note, this event is not for private cryptocurrency traders.


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