CryptoBrunch III 12 Hay Hill
11am December 20th 2018

CryptoBrunch III

12 Hay Hill

11am December 20th 2018

Join HedgeBrunch for the third and final CryptoBrunch of the year this December 20th!

After two highly dynamic and sell-out events in 2018, CryptoBrunch returns for its third and final installment of 2018, once again at 12 Hay Hill Members’ Club in Mayfair, London.

CryptoBrunch focuses on gathering and connecting only the most institutional-grade crypto currency, asset and blockchain investors. Attendance at this event is strictly for those concerned with crypto hedge fund, family office and institutional investment.

CryptoBrunch takes place from 11am-1.30pm and is swiftly followed by the 6th Annual HedgeBrunch Christmas Party, also hosted at 12 Hay Hill, from 1.30pm-6pm.

Guests are invited to join at CryptoBrunch as a standalone event but also have the option of buying our “double-header” tickets, which offer access to both events. Please see registration for further details.

Please note the HedgeBrunch Christmas Party is also accessible as a standalone event and more information, plus single event tickets are available here.

A single ticket to CryptoBrunch will not offer access to The HedgeBrunch Christmas Party which follows. Christmas Party attendees must have either a double header Crypto + Christmas ticket or a stand alone Christmas ticket.

However, these events are free for all AYU members! AYU is the app for the hedge fund world. Memberships are currently open for those in hedge funds, family office and institutional investors. To learn more and apply visit

Please note: CryptoBrunch is designed for family office and institutional investors interested in cryptocurrencies, funds running crypto strategies and those providing the infrastructure and advice needed to access the crypto market. This event is not for private cryptocurrency traders.

HedgeBrunch is for those in hedge funds, family offices and institutional investors and those providing professional service to the alternative investment world. 

All ticket purchases are vetted and if the buyer does not fit our guest criteria we reserve the right to cancel and refund their ticket(s). We verify you via your use of your professional email address in registration. Tickets purchased via personal, rather than professional, email addresses will almost certainly be cancelled and refunded.

Please contact for all ticket enquiries.

For all sponsorship opportunities, including the chance to speak at this event, please contact