Body Lubricator Part 1

Whether you have been at your desk all day or reawakening your body after a long haul flight, your movement has been hugely limited.

This is no good for the body. Joints that are meant to exhibit mobility start to lock down smaller ranges, making us stiff and sore. As a result moving into larger ranges begins to feel uncomfortable.

Moreover this is no good for your brain. Your brain needs movement. Regions of the brain such as those responsible for learning, retaining and recalling information develop as a result of your body moving with a variety. This translates into being more effective productive and focused. Whether you’re presenting to the board or pitching to investors you need to be at your peak. Movement is the answer.

Finally, in being sedentary and inactive, your motivation may wane. When we move and exercise, the “motivation molecule”, dopamine, is released. This neurotransmitter has the residual effect of stimulating us to be more alert and focused. Indeed research has shown that those who exercise habitually enjoy higher levels of dopamine accounting for improved productivity and effectiveness.

Here are a great series of exercises designed to address all three of the factors above. These are great movements to do after a bout of inactivity, particularly if we have been sat down for prolonged periods. These will open up your body and refresh and revitalise you setting you up for further success throughout the day.

I advise my clients on the Corporate Athlete Program to do these movements every day.

1) Lunge Matrix

The lunge matrix is great for creating all movements the hip is capable of. This is a great exercise to do after a prolonged period of inactivity. It’s a particularly good drill if you suffer from low back pain.

2) Squat to Reach Matrix

This is a great full body mobiliser. It’s with the reaches that your core is mobilised as your spine is made to move in a variety of directions. Moreover, your shoulders are encouraged to move too. These are joints that can become “sticky” with activity and so the movements created have a great benefit in encouraging mobility in joints that are required to move.

Learn more about Holistic Motions here.

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